POD parent pledge

I’ll never forget that ridiculously hot day of POD’s first orientation in the auditorium when the AC was not working. Parents sat through hours of info as they nearly slid off their sweaty seats and collapsed from heat exhaustion onto the floor. Many used their forms to fan themselves as their faces melted into perma-frowns at the idea having to sit there one minute longer. It was in that moment that the POD Parent Pledge was born. It was a reason to stand up, forcing wilting parents to get out of their chairs, put their hands over their hearts and remember why we were all there…to support our kids, to make sure that their education does not take a back seat to these colossal budget cuts, to make sure that they have the same shot at a college education that kids in private schools, and better funded public schools have. Our children will not be the have-nots. They deserve art, music, physical education, the list goes on.
We have accomplished a ton, but there is still so much work ahead of us. We are doing great things for the ones we love the most. We are teaching them that all things are possible and to fight fiercely for a superior education. Thank you all for standing up and making the pledge together that hot September afternoon in the auditorium.

POD Parent Pledge
I solemnly swear
that I want my child
to have the best education humanly possible.

And I am willing to do
whatever it takes
to make sure that he/she has it.

I will be part of the process.
I will roll up my sleeves.
I will donate my time and effort

to anything that yields
greater learning opportunities for my child
Because my child is worth that much to me.

Because my kid deserves it.