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Back to Nature – The Tiger’s Garden

Dorris Place Elementary School is lucky enough to have a small plot of land with really good soil where students can learn about gardening and the importance of nature’s lifecycle. Some classes have grown their own vegetables to make “homemade” salsa, other classes have transported snails from the garden for their classroom science projects, other classes have enjoyed the tranquility of the garden and seeing all the beautiful butterflies, ladybugs, and birds sing and fly in the garden. POD parents will even sometimes pick fresh herbs from the garden for the potluck dish they bring to our monthly meetings – delicious!

[nggallery id=1]Fresh & Crunchy Radishes from The Tiger’s Garden – Dare I Say the BEST in LA?!

[nggallery id=2] Our awesome volunteers and knowledgeable Master Gardeners helping out at The Tiger’s Garden as well as the recently opened Elysian Fields Community Garden just down the street.

[nggallery id=3]  Our beautiful Tiger’s Garden at Dorris Place Elementary School

If you would like to get your hands dirty please join us in the garden. Whether you only have 20 minutes once a week to help water, or more time to plant and grow vegetables and flowers, or want to help out with the pumpkin patch project for the Fall Festival please contact us at