in the Community

Dorris Place School is part of a vibrant community filled with generations of
close knit wonderful people from all walks of life. Elysian Valley is almost like LA’s best kept neighborhood secret. In addition to the nice neighbors, convenient location, picturesque river walk, and Dorris Place School (a prime location shoot for the film and tv industry) there are activities, events and support for everyone in the neighborhood. There is plenty to see and do from young to old – people can enjoy the community gardens, local art and nature walk events, as well as get homework help, participate in extra curricular activities and organized sports with the local Elysian Valley Recreation Center. Our neighborhood has also been able to benefit from the strong leadership from our friends at the Elysian Valley Riverside Neighborhood Council (EVRNC). Every year the EVRNC secures and approves $50,000 for community outreach and improvement which supports the continuous efforts to grow and make Elysian Valley the best little community in LA.