Music Benefit – May 24th

Keep the Music Playing Benefit Concert at the Dorothy Chandler 5th Floor Hall

We are thrilled to announce that ten of our student musicians will be performing alongside​ ​L.A. Philharmonic’s Concertmaster​ Bing Wang and Concert Pianist Joanne Pearce Martin, and ​A​ctor/C​ellist Dermot Mulroney, on the 5th floor of the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. What an incredible opportunity for our students! Be sure to get your tickets today for this very special benefit concert on May 24th at 1:00pm. Proceeds from the concert, which has been co-organized with Education Through Music – Los Angeles, will go directly towards our music program.

CONGRATULATIONS to our Dorris Place Musicians who will be performing at the Dorothy Chandler:
1.​ Alina Hurtado (Ms. Mendez’ class)
2. Kiara Yambao (Ms. Martinez’ class)
3.​ Ericka Sarmiento (Ms. Martinez’ class)​
4. ​ Matthew Mena ​(Ms. Martinez’ class)​
5.​ Alexis Bentley​ (Ms. Martinez’ class)​
6. ​ Kayla Le​ (Ms. Martinez’ class)​
7.​ Stanley Chan​ (Ms. Mendez’ class)
8. ​ Taylor Tompkins (Mrs. Stewart’s class)​
9.​ Cynthia Alfaro (Ms. Martinez’ class)​
10. ​ Francine Penar (Mrs. Stewart’s class) ​
​Alternate: Oscar Cendejas (Ms. Martinez’ class)

Please show our fantastic Elysian Valley neighborhood kids your support by attending the May 24th concert. If you cannot attend, please consider making a donation of tickets for Dorris Place family members of our musicians to go and cheer them on! Tickets ($25) can be purchased at Or ​for presale paper tickets, submit ​cash or checks made payable​ to Partners of Dorris or ​POD. For a copy of the flyer with all the details please click DPMusicBenefit_24May2014_1pm.

Thank you for your support. Make a difference. Make it count. Make the music happen.